New Membership Dues as of July, 2017

As many of you know, NAMI has raised its dues this summer, but that’s OK!

The new dues structure includes a family rate of $60.00 per year, which includes every member of your household living under the same roof. This entitles the whole family to the benefits of membership.

A single membership now costs $40.00 a year, still a reasonable rate, and the open-door rate has gone up to $5.00 per year.  This increase is well thought out and fair.

And it still includes all the benefits! Publications, discounts on Convention rates and items in the NAMI store are still there.

Unfortunately, our last publication was prior to the increase date, and still included the previous rates. Please keep this in mind as you renew for 2018.  A new publication will be coming soon, with a revised membership form.

Thank you.