Tips For Medication-Related Websites and Mobile Apps!

As technology has evolved, researching information on prescription drugs has become much easier. The older generation of consumers experienced having to use the Physician’s Reference Desk (PRD) Guide for prescription drugs to look up information about various medications, a calendar to keep track of days, and ensuring they have a medication list on hand in case of emergency. However, with todays technology, finding information on drugs can be easily found using the internet search, mobile apps enable consumers to keep track of medications and important information to make known to your doctors. While having this technology at our fingertips can be beneficial to ones health, it is important to be aware of the dangers of the internet and mobile apps.


Perhaps many ask the question: How do I know which websites to trust?

When using the internet as a means of researching medications, it is important to use websites that don’t have inaccurate or outdated information. For your benefit, Experts Karen Moeller, Pharm D, BCPP and Brantley Underwood, Pharm D, MBA, have distinguished a list of websites they recommend you use while looking up information about prescription drugs. They include:


            -MEDLINE Plus

            -WebMd Health

            -PudMed Health






They discourage the use of Wikipedia, for anyone is able to edit or change the content posted in a wiki page.


            The next question is: How do I know which Mobile Apps to trust?

While mobile apps are helpful with sending reminders, keeping track of and having access to ones medical information, and can provide easy access to information regarding mental health news, it is crucial to make sure the mobile app you are using is ensuring to protect your privacy. Before putting your information into a mobile app, check the privacy policy to ensure that your information is safe.

Moeller and underwood have also made a list of medication apps they recommend! They include:


            -My Med Schedule

            -My Meds

            -Med Simple

            -Pharmacist apps

            -Script Your Future


Since we have many opportunities to use technology to help with research an upkeep of medications, it is also important to ensure that the sites and apps we are using are reliable and trustworthy.


This article was obtained from posted July 21, 2015 by Laura Greenstein.